Beginner Camping Items

If you’ve never been to the outdoors before you’re probably wondering what to take with you, while everyone has different needs and interests in the outdoors, the three items below are beginner camping items that are much needed by most.

A water purifier is essential before taking a drink in the outdoors ( You need to stay hydrated, especially while hiking and doing other activities, but if you drink water straight from the creek/river/lake, you are probably going to get sick.

No one wants to get sick, especially out in the woods on your first camping trip. If you’re going to be sticking near a campground that provides water that you trust is clean, then you can skip this, but otherwise, it’s an excellent item to have around.

A camp stove is another essential ( Unless you plan on eating peanut and butter jelly the whole time you want to be able to cook up some excellent warm food, you can get packets of prepared food that will be light to carry and make having a great meal a simple task. Again, if you’re going to be sticking around a campground that offers a grill or something maybe you can get around this, but you probably still need to bring your charcoal if that is the case.

Something you can’t get around is your sleeping arrangements ( You’ll probably want a tent, an inflatable air mattress. Some people will say that you’re not roughing it unless you sleep on the ground, but if you sleep on the field, you’re likely to wake up with a backache and won’t be able to enjoy your day of camping activities.

A good nights rest is essential to a great trip. These beds have improved a lot in recent years, you can get flocked tops, raised beds, or ones with speakers for your MP3 player–there is an infinite number of choices out there.